The classical Finnish Sauna with high temperature and low humidity will be natural also further the preferential bath form. Several Saunagaenge with Aufguessen and the constant change attraction by heat and cooling work health-promoting, relaxing and abhaertend.How waer's with a soft steam bath?
With small temperatures and about 65% rel. Humid one works it carefully, relaxing and reassuring. The skin is vitalisiert and maintained. By the smaller temperatures you can enjoy the soft steam bath longer, here become simple relaxed, without pre-determined operational sequence.An increase of the soft steam bath offers the herbs - steam - to cure. On the micro lattice of the evaporator head herbs are put, which now organism, skin and respiratory system to affect permanent. The used herbs originate from own control biological cultivation.

The temperatures on the skin rise over approx.. 10 C
on, the body core temperature over approx.. 1 degree - this causes an increased production of repel-openly in the body, similar an easy artificial fever.  The skin blood vessels are extended and supplied with blood more strongly. The organism tried to keep by cooling of the skin the body interior temperature constant and answers with intensified welding formation. Died skin cells are abgeschuppt - the skin tightens, brings elasticity and lends a pleasant exterior. By regular Saunabaeder the respiration adapts, which sucked. Vital capacity is increased. The Saunabad on heart activity and blood pressure, it has a strongly positive influence is a not loading heart cycle training.  The water and mineral household are affected positively by the high welding delivery. A Saunabad after the sport is recommended particularly, since also lactic acid is extracted, the muscular strain caused. With top-class sportsmen the Sauna is a usually firm component of the training plan. An increase in output, which the Sauna was awarded due to the victories of the Finnish sportsmen in perseverance kinds of sport, is not to be expected however



Similarly as in the Sauna is based this pleasure
on the principle of the sweating bath, however with strongly different climatic factors: Against sow NAK lima it concerns with the dampfbad a damp warm bath. A very high air humidity (over 100%) cooperates with a relatively low temperature (approx. 45°C) and lets a climate develop that in various regard as positive proved. For the successful, relaxing effect the correct application of the dampfbades is important. Crucial is here like also with the Saunabad the reciprocal effect between hot and cold. After each "steam course" a cooling phase must follow. Founded realizations over successes within the medical range as supporting measure of the therapy, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, hoarseness, charge, muscle spannings, blood circulation disturbances can be treated by dampfbaeder.


Particularly during the sun-poor season the body can take up the UVA jets by a short Solariumbesuch to itself.
Easily to be dosed the skin can be prepared by Braeunungseinheiten for natural exposure to the sun around a sun fire to prevent.Some advantages:

  • Calcium for bones
    By the UVA jets the body can produce the health-promoting vitamin D, which is positive for the Calicumaufbau.
  • Recover to skin
    Correctly proportioned sun baths can help that the skin remains healthy and attractively gebraeunt.
  • Positively for human psyche
    Beside a healthy Braeune also the UVA radiation on the naked skin for many humans is one as very pleasantly felt effect, which can contribute to a positive life attitude.


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